Monday, June 11, 2012

The Great Romancer

   It's been a while since I had one of these posts. A while, yet long overdue. I have had several experiences that have happened lately which have just blown my mind. Jesus = crazy, awesome, incredible, romantic, great just only being to describe Him.
   So, I really like lilacs. A lot. Like seriously. I discovered this spring that right outside of the World Prayer Center, where I spend all of my time, is a big lilac bush. Every day for a month or so I had the privilege of smelling lilacs. It was incredible! Then, they sadly died off. The bush was plain once again.
   However, last weekend I went outside walking around with a group of friends. In the course of an hour and a half I seriously saw 5 or 6 lilac bushes. Some were across the street from where we were so I ran across the street to smell them. Every time I saw one I got SO excited! It was like Jesus was seriously lavishing His love upon me by way of something dear to my heart. Even my friends enjoyed my pure delight in God's gift to me. That's what it was, pure delight. I am pretty sure that because I got so excited about one, God kept showing me more. It made for a pretty incredible day.

My beloved bush


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Orphans, Slaves, and Sons

  Several weeks ago I had the privilege of hearing the senior pastor of New Life Church, Pastor Brady Boyd, speak to our class of DLA students. He shared something strong on his heart. It was the idea of Orphans, Slaves, and Sons. All of us can most likely categorize ourselves as one of these three.
  Orphans are people who want to belong but they don't know how to. They use love as a weapon or tool to gain attention from those around them. Orphans don't know how to accurately receive or give love.
  Slaves have no permanent place in the family. Slaves are convinced that their performance is what gets God, or others, to love them. They are so worried that someone better is going to come along and replace them at their job, or fill their position in life. Slaves live in worry and constant comparison.
  Sons are free to love God as their Father. They enjoy all that the Father has for them. Sons have been given assignments or callings from God and they don't view them as chores. They walk fully in the life God has for them.
  What are you? An orphan, a slave, or a son?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Missions Opportunity

  Several of my friends in DLA have an amazing opportunity to go on a missions trip to Cambodia for two weeks right after we graduate. They are working with Sak Saum and In His Steps Ministries. Sak Saum works with women who have been rescued from sex trafficking and it teaches them how to be free and support themselves financially outside of that. They are also working with orphans in the country of Cambodia and ministering to them. It is an incredible opportunity!
  I am writing this blog post to ask you for help. Each of my friends needs to raise $3500. They are all on their way to raising this money, but they don't have it all. They need help. I just wanted to let you know of their need and ask you to pray. It might seem strange to support one of my friends that you don't know, but I want you to have that opportunity. I went out fundraising with them today and I realized how, when we ask others for help we are actually allowing them the opportunity to minister and be a blessing as well. Pray. Take some time and ask God if it is in His plan for you to help my friends out. If so, please contact me and I'll tell you how you can support them. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post!

Top Row: Joe (the leader), Joy, Rachelle, Shilo, Austin, and Caleb
Bottom Row: Stacey, Marisela, Christina, and Lindy-Joy

My Random Life

   DLA has kept me quite busy these last few weeks...months even. It has been great. We get to spend so much time in community. Some nights we just hang out and play games. Some nights we serve at concerts or conferences or high school/junior high services or we go on retreats or we have dance parties. I just wanted to share some pictures of fun nights.

We had a retreat here at the church and we had a little 90's dance party!!

Bowling with some friends....
 Austin, Lindy-Joy, Caleb, and Josh
Shiloh, Rachelle, me, and Brenna
Austin and his crazy hair!


For the past several years I have done a Valentine's party for all my single girl friends. I didn't do it this year...some other friends planned a party instead. It was such a blessing!!

Me and Marisela :)
We had fun doing our nails and just hanging out!!
  We had a bonfire party at my house...after I discovered that I had a fire pit. :)

We decided to straighten Austin's hair. Bad idea!
4 guys on the couch...Buckie, Caleb, Austin (he's hidden) and Josh...
Marisela and I :)
Jesus Culture came to our church. We had a concert. It was legit! It's so great when you go to a
 church that can hold a concert with thousands of people....definitely wouldn't happen at home. Watching thousands of people worship Jesus together is one of my favorite things. SO awesome!!

And....I got my haircut!!