Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One of the Loves of My Life

 I am convinced that God sent Gabriel and Zechariah (my nephews) to me for a reason. They are my little buddies and they absolutely love me. I ABSOLUTELY love them back as well!! For the time being I am called to be single and it's okay, because I have Gabe and Zech. Whenever I am feeling sad they give me a hug. I have SO much fun with them!!
  Zechariah broke his arm about a month ago and has had a cast on. For a 3, soon to be 4 year old, having a cast on in the summer is tough. Zech was not supposed to get his cast off until after I was gone. However, last week my sister and Zech showed up at my work and revealed to me that his red arm was gone! He was free! To celebrate I took Zech swimming. We had a blast!!
 To make the morning even more special for me - Zechariah would not let me stop taking pictures. He normally does not want to cooperate but for some reason he kept asking to take one more! He loves his Aunt Steffie....and she loves him right back!

P.S. My surprise that I could not share before was that I got my braces off!!! After 18 months I am also free!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


   I recently had an everyday experience in which God spoke to me. I love when He does that!! If we listen He will speak. He LOVES to talk with us...more than anyone else.
  This last week I had something very exciting happen to me. I will share what it is once I get my camera and can post a picture of that wonderful occurance. For now you will be held in suspense.... ;)
  This occurance was something that I had wanted to keep secret so that I could later surprise everyone. I didn't want to say what my news was because I wanted to reveal it in person. I am a HUGE countdown person so keeping a secret was tough. I kept my secret for 6 weeks without telling a soul. I would try to make hints to those around me, but I couldn't come right out and say it.
  As the day for the revealing of my surprise drew near God showed me something. If I know about Jesus and the awesome, incredible, wonderful sacrifice He made by living AND dying for me, yet I don't tell anyone, I am wasting that precious news. It does NO good to keep Him a secret. I can't fling that surprise on someone right before that die that "Hey, there is God who loves you and died for you so that you could live for eternity with Him in heaven." That's not the way this good news works. I must share it now, and not keep the good news inside, just waiting to burst forth. I must let it flow out of me. Surprises may be good, but God is not one to keep locked inside as a prize. Jesus died for me AND for you. Embrace Him now because He loves you. Share Him with others now because He loves them. HE LOVES!!!!