Saturday, May 12, 2012


   Last month I spent a week outside of the country. In Trinidad to be exact. It is an island that is in the Caribbean Sea and is just northeast of Venezuela. Way down by South America. ;-) We partnered with Every Home for Christ (EHC), a ministry based in Colorado Springs. Their goal is to reach every home in the world for Jesus Christ. We spent our time going door to door and asking people if we could pray for them and then asking them if they knew about Jesus.

We used the 'salvation bracelet' which has six different colors to explain to them the story of Jesus.
  Grey = the filth that every human has as we are stained by sin
  Red = the blood of Jesus covered over our sins so we are forgiven/ He died because He loved us So much
  White = when we accept Him into our hearts we are forgiven & become pure in His sight
   Blue = we are filled with the Holy Spirit & the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience...)
   Green = when we are serving Jesus we want to be fruitful & do good works for Him
   Gold = because we have accepted Jesus into our hearts after death we can live with Him forever in eternity

   It was such a stretching opportunity. I don't normally walk up to people in the United States just to ask them if they need prayer, or if they know Jesus. Why not?? This was definitely an area of my life that God challenged me in while in Trinidad. People everywhere need to know about the love of Jesus. They won't know if we don't tell them. When was the last time you asked a stranger if they know Jesus?

The girl on the left...her name is Blessing! :)

  There were about 75 of us that went on the trip to Trinidad - DLA students, high school and junior high students. Because of the large number of our group we split into about ten different groups to partner with ten churches across Trinidad. My group decided that we truly had the best church. ;-) They cooked us delicious meals every night (they didn't have to), they gave us souvenirs, they shared a new island snack with us every day, they took us back to the camp two nights so we could stay late and hang out, they prayed for was truly an Acts 2:42 kind of church. The above pictures are of our ministries days with different people from our church.

Open Bible Church on Waterloo & Coconut :-)
Some of the lovely ladies of the church!!

Partners for the, Gabriella, and Kimdona

Such a Wonderful group!!

We partnered together one day to share the gospel of Jesus.
American team!!

 The landscape in Trinidad is quite beautiful. And green. So green. Probably because it rains a lot. They have two season in Trinidad. The rainy season and the non-rainy season. Creative eh? ;-)

Because of all the rain, and hurricanes, a lot of the houses are built up on stilts. I found them very interesting.

Not so poor

The country is made up of many different ethnicities. The main two are Indian (from India) and African American. Because of this so many people are Muslims or Hindus. We visited the temple of the sea in Waterloo. In order to enter the temple you are required to take off your shoes because you would be entering 'holy ground'. We did not enter but only walked around outside.

Hindu's use prayer flags. The different colors represent different gods that they pray to. As the wind blows the flags they bring blessings over the people....

This is actually the spot where they cremate those who have died. There happened to be a cremation that day, so I'll let you figure out what that means about this picture....
Our last day in Trinidad was a free day. We spent the day at Maracas Bay. The pictures don't quite do justice to the beauty of it all.

We filled up the Entire tourist spot with our team. :-)

My dear friend Brenna!!
Kortnii & I
Lindy-Joy & I on the beach

Austin, A.J., and Paul = 3 great Men of God!!

I ate shark. Definitely an epic moment for me. A NON-fish lover. :-)

Walking along the beach...
God's creation = Beautiful!!

We had a professional photographer on the trip so I just wanted to include a few of his photos. The first one is a group baptism we did in the ocean. About 10 people were baptized!! :) The second is a photo of our daily morning meeting together....talking about all of the things God did each day on the trip.

On the way to and from Trinidad I was in a small group that got to fly to Miami, Florida. It was a surprise & quite fun!!

Seat partners: me, Kim dona, and Milbia

Ahhh.....awesome view!!
What do you do when faced with an emergency???
Austin is prepared to handle anything!
All the randomness of our trip.............

Beating the master at his own game...with Buckie & Marisela!
Waiting for the bus.

Can I just say.......
That these boys are goofballs!! :)

Hammock time!! :)
Church friends!! :)

Free time = knockout

Cool balcony at our camp site! ;)