Friday, April 20, 2012


  The last month and a half of my life has been quite busy. The next 3 months are going to be quite busy. I love it! Last month I went on what is called tour. We drove across the country in 2 groups to hold nights of worship and prayer among churches. I went on the Northwest tour. We stopped at 5 different churches & drove through 2 other states, adding up to a total of 7 new states that I visited. It was incredible!! The unity among the body of Christ was so incredible. Jesus is moving in mighty ways all over. He's not limited to one place. :)
 I just wanted to share some pictures from tour. Enjoy! :)

1st Stop. Grand Junction, Colorado.   

Some restaurant that serves delicious sweet potato fries.

  I worked at the merchandise table over tour and this first night I was the NAPPER. I had to stay at the table during service to guard the stuff. You aren't allowed to actually nap though. :)  

2nd Stop. Nampa, Idaho.

Reminds me of KS.

A little mini  Grand Canyon. ;-)
   This was the first night I got to really be a part of tour. We had a time of worship and then we broke into huddles to pray for different things. I led a group of ladies who are serving God by ministering through the workplace. It was so incredible to be able to pour into them and pray with them!! :)

3rd Stop. Butte, Montana.

   Montana has everything. Mountains. Lots of big rocks. Water. Trees. Waterfalls. Vast open spaces of land. It was my favorite state to visit!!!

Merch Buddies!!

These girls told me the best part of their night was meeting me! ;)

   One of the girls in DLA is from the church that we stopped at in Montana. The rest of us on tour had never met the people in this church yet they welcomed us in like we were family. It was such an INCREDIBLE night of worship and prayer!! God was there and we felt like one big family!!

4th Stop.  Seattle, Washington.

     Instead of holding an actual night of worship and prayer we spent time with the student leaders in the youth group at a church. The next morning we went to their church services and worshiped with them. Another time of feeling like family. This church blessed us with the gift of sleeping in hotel rooms = actual beds instead of sleeping on the floor of the church. A 1st for tour!! :)

Our dinner group!! :)
We stopped at the 2nd Starbucks ever opened. So big!!

Karina, the wonderful girl we had dinner with. :)

In the morning we watched a sign language performance.

One of my new fascinations = iron bridges!

5th Stop. Portland, Oregon.

   This is the home state of my dear friend Caleb who has been in many previous pictures. His parents came and visited us...and his mom made us cookies! So sweet!! The next day we had a free day so we spent the morning in downtown Portland. Very pretty!!

One of the guys in our group bought each of us girls a flower.
Me, Lexi, Rachelle, Lindy-Joy, and Kasie in the back.

They have tracks in the road for the trollies!!

I'm a baker!! .... :)
Beautiful girls!!

I told you...I have a fascination with iron bridges!!

This was inside a coffee shop. Let's bring this idea to Topeka!

We like to goof around, ha ha! Flower proposals anyone?

Nice park in Downtown Portland.
Wall artwork.

Lindy-Joy is her name!! :)

Goofy guys....can you tell there are 2 different people in this picture?
Bridge fascination continues....

 6th Stop. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
       Our free day continues with a night on the river city of Couer d'Alene. It rained all night, but it was a light rain, so it was very fun!! :)


We decided to leave a fun note for our server...I hope we spelled it right! ;-)

7th Stop. Laurel, Montana.

      I don't really have pictures from this time of the trip because my camera died. However, it was an incredible night indeed. This church was SO excited to have us come. They love Desperation Ministries and have been trying to get them to come for a while.
     *They gave us a green room full of snacks for before the service
     *They cooked us a Delicious Mexican meal with buffalo meat tacos. They didn't tell us that till after we ate it. :)
     *They had their youth group pray over us and write down verses & encouragement that the Lord had shared with them, before we even got there. SUCH A BLESSING!!!

Last Stop. Randomness...
     We drove through Utah on the way to Idaho the first time. It's not a very green state, but interesting landscape nonetheless. ;-)

     We drove 3600 miles in 8 days. About 56 hours in the van. I was asleep for approximately 1 1/2 hours of that. So I didn't sleep much that week. We had very limited bathroom break stops. If you know me, you know that was QUITE difficult for me. I have a funny story about that. If you want to know...ask me. I did have a nice friend who was trying to help me focus on something else so he read me boring parts of the Bible....I'm not sure if that worked. Anyways, tour was Incredible! I wish I had the opportunity to go on another one. Maybe I'll just make my own. ;)

Lindy-Joy, Rachel, Lexi, Caleb, and David

Yeah....this made me a little excited. I don't see my name spelled right much. ;)

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!