Sunday, June 22, 2014

Boomerang or Frisbee?

  Do you know the difference between a boomerang and a Frisbee? Besides the shape? ;)

  When you throw a boomerang it comes back to you (if you throw it correctly).

   When you throw a Frisbee it goes toward it's intended target and either lands in someone's hand or up in a tree somewhere or on the ground.

Regardless of the other person's catching abilities it should not come back to you.

    Many times I live life trying to be a boomerang when I am supposed to be a Frisbee.

   I want to perform some action or encourage someone because I want it to come back around to me.

   I want to change an individual's opinion of me or help myself earn brownie points.

  I want....the focus is ALL wrong.

  God asks us to do things in life because of other people, for other people.

  He doesn't ask us to do it to build up our own kingdom or our own ego.

  He does it to kill our pride. To put the focus back where it needs to be. On Him. On His beloved children.

  Today are you trying to throw a boomerang or a Frisbee?? Check yourself. It's not too late to switch.