Sunday, September 22, 2013

Serve Moore

  I am waaaay behind, but this summer I went to Moore, Oklahoma with a group of young adults from my church. As you know on May 20th of this year a tornado ripped through Moore and destroyed a good section of the city. It went right through an elementary school and killed many adults and children in the city. As a group we decided we wanted to go down and see what we could do to help. We packed into a van and drove down to partner with Southgate Baptist Church. The tornado literally went through their backyard. Their church suffered some damages, but they were still alive and serving in the community. They provided daily meals to those who came in to eat. They went out in the neighborhood and just offered to help people and minister to them. We helped serve a meal while we were there and then we drove out and asked people if we could help. It actually took several tries to get a family to accept our help. Those who didn't want the help we simply prayed with.
Cole, Dalton, and Alex helped cook food out in the pouring rain. Nice rain gear ehh?? :)

Bree, me, and Patty

  We finally found a little family to help. We worked in their yard to get it cleaned up. We spent several hours with Patty and Bree. Bree actually attended the school that the tornado hit. She was protected the whole time. When Bree got out she walked around to all the parents she knew and told them that their children were okay. God used her that day to provide a little semblance of peace throughout a little chaos. At the end of the afternoon Patty sat down, sighed with relief, and shared how it almost looked back to the way it was before the tornado. If we could go all this way to help out just a few people, we did what we set out to do. It was such a blessed afternoon. A reminder of how God moves even in the midst of struggles. He is alive and breathing.
  We also visited the site of the school. There was a little memorial setup for the children and the teacher that died. Such a moving place to visit.

 These crosses stand for the teacher and children who died on May 20th, 2013 from Plaza Towers Elementary.

All of our group with Bree and Patty.