Monday, December 23, 2013

Goodbye Billy Vanilly

5 years. One job. That says a lot. Right!? ;) I can't believe how quickly time flies. Where do I even begin??

My job has been a God thing from the very beginning. After I graduated high school in 2008 I went to Mexico for a semester. After coming back it was time to start college and find a new job. I wanted something in the baking field as I had hopes to one day open my own bakery. So I looked up bakeries in Topeka. I found one that had a website. Daddy Cakes. I looked it up. Suuuper intimidating. They had pictures of beautiful cupcakes and cakes on their website. I thought 'there's no way I could make that!'

Yet I strongly felt God telling me to apply. So I emailed the store to ask if they were hiring. The owner replied and we set up an interview. I had the hardest time finding the store when I went in. I finally found it and after my interview I still wasn't sure. It wouldn't provide me with enough hours. Yet I strongly felt God telling me to accept the position. He would take care of me. Thus began my career at Daddy Cakes.

Daddy Cakes
I started out working in retail and quickly worked my way up to a position in the kitchen. Three months after I started my boss took her daughter to France so I was in charge of the kitchen. It was safe to say that I was trusted. :) The store business was rapidly expanding and we moved to a bigger store across the street. I became the kitchen manager with the new store. It was a great experience of learning how to work and manage in the kitchen. I enjoyed it! Plus I earned more money and worked lots more hours than when I started. God was taking care of me.  Along the way the store changed from Daddy Cakes to Billy Vanilly Cupcakes.

I took a break for a season when I moved to Colorado. When I came back I didn't think I would return to Billy Vanilly. However God saw differently and I went back to work at Billy Vanilly. Instead of returning to the kitchen however I began working again in retail, as the manager, and took a position as the office manager as well. It was once again great and I was learning more and more about running a store. Plus I got another raise to help balance out the fact that I was working less hours because I began attending school again. God was taking care of me.

Ariel's Cupcake Deco Party
It was a good year and a half back at Billy Vanilly Cupcakes. I believe that God wanted me there. However, this season is now over. A few weeks ago I talked to my dear boss and told her that I was done working for her and for Billy Vanilly. All in good timing. My season is just over. I don't know what I am doing next, but I know it is time for something new. God has a new job for me. I am taking about a month off to just relax, enjoy the holidays, rest, and seek out what God has for me. I am stoked!! Seriously. It was incredibly hard for me but now I am honestly excited. I can't wait to tell you where God takes me next.
Working with a dear friend!!

  * I remember the day I walked into Daddy Cakes for the first time for my interview. It took me half an hour to find the place.
  * I remember working in a tiny store with a clock tower above it. There was only room for two or three customers at a time yet we often had lines out the door on a Saturday morning.
  * I remember moving into a new store. It was HUGE!!
  * I remember when the name changed to Billy Vanilly Cupcakes.
  * I remember actually having to start wearing a uniform. Tough transition. Seriously. ;)
  * I remember working countless Valentines Days with nonstop craziness. It's the busiest day of the year!!
  * I remember all of the fun conversations I had with my boss. She calls me boss and I call her boss. We have an unconventional relationship. ;)
  * I remember baking countless cupcakes...I remember the first time I baked over 100 cupcakes at a time!
  * I remember moving into a position where I got to interview people and choose who to hire. Fun job!
  * I remember making daily bank deposits and new friends at the bank! ;)
My boss and I! ;)
  * I remember hosting several music nights at Billy Vanilly....the store was full of people and it fulfilled a dream of mine!
  * I remember working with one of my best friends. They say it isn't good to live with your friends...or work with them...yet we only grew closer through all of that. and we had SUCH fun times working together. laughing together. dropping things. laughing together.
  * I remember working up front and realizing how often certain people come in. We truly have weekly, sometimes daily, customers.
  * I remember answering all of the silly which cupcake is the red velvet one. (It's red!)
  * I remember all of the fantastic people I have worked with over the years. They've become my friends.

I am soooo grateful for the opportunity to have worked at Billy Vanilly Cupcakes these last five years. I don't regret it for a moment. However, it is time once and for all to say Goodbye Billy Vanilly!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cliff Jumping

   Ohhh goodness. Life is so wonderful. So crazy. So unexpected. So fun. Full of twists and turns. Last week I did something crazy. It wasn't a spur of the moment decision by any means. Yet, for me it was crazy. Kind of like jumping off of a cliff.

   I have been working at Billy Vanilly Cupcakes for 5 years come January. It has been a joyous 5 years. I was confident that I was supposed to work there. From the beginning. When I moved to Colorado for DLA I was confident that I would not return to Billy Vanilly. God had other plans. I have been back for over a year and I knew once again that that was where God wanted me. Since the middle of the summer however I began to sense that my time there was drawing to a close. I would pray and ask God if it was time and He kept saying 'not yet'. Recently I finally felt that God was telling me that it was time. I spent MUCH time in prayer before I did anything about it.

  A week ago I talked to my boss and told her that I would be quitting at the end of the year. That in itself isn't that crazy. However, I have NO idea what I am doing next. I just really feel God leading me into a season of 100% completely trusting and relying on Him to provide for me. To give me new direction. I'm not sure where I am headed, but I want to make sure I am pointed in the right direction. Before I can take another step I have to stop and listen. This being said, I don't have another job that I am moving into. I'm not supposed to.

  My security blanket is Jesus. Not a job. Not the number in my bank. It's God. I am jumping off a cliff into the great unknown. However, I am confident that that great unknown is not land that I am smacking into. It is as ocean. Of God's goodness. His provision. Faithfulness. His plan for my life. I jumped. Now I can't wait to see what washes over me. I have SUCH a peace inside right now. I know without a doubt that this is what I am supposed to do. I look forward to sharing with you what exactly God has in store for me. I am not sure what it is. I do know this. It is good. I am CONFIDENT of that. ;)
2014 is going to be a GOOD year!

Let's go headed down the open road unknown....
And we find what we're made of
through the open door
Is it fear you're afraid of?
What are you waiting for?!
Love alone is worth the fight!!!!
- Switchfoot